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Sandi Emdin

Leadership Development Coach, Trainer, and Speaker

Looking to Inspire, Connect, and Engage Your Audiences? 

When you become a more confident, dynamic, and persuasive communicator, you can have maximum impact and influence on others. Find out the top 5 benefits of enhancing your speaking and listening skills.

Are You Ready?

To break through your fear of public speaking

To speak with confidence at meetings or when delivering presentations

To laugh, connect, inspire and motivate others

To express your ideas and concerns clearly and assertively

Motivate your team and create a culture shift 

To have or facilitate difficult conversations with ease

To feel grounded in challenging situations

To increase your self-awareness 

Presentation Skills Training Programs

I offer in-person, online, as well as hybrid training programs that are centred on communication and presentation skills. My training programs are for those who are seeking the insights, strategies, as well as a step-by-step process to gain the skills to enhance their speaking and listening skills, and present with power across all types of settings and audiences . 

Speak Up With Confidence Coaching

My coaching services will help you transform your messages into convincing, inspirational, and engaging messages for all types of audiences, both virtually and in person. Learn to enhance your speaking and listening skills; to facilitate difficult conversations; as well as enhance motivation, participation, and commitment, whether one-on-one or in groups.

Self-Development Retreats

With over 20 years of experience of experience in leadership and personal development, I offer dynamic interactive retreats to diverse audiences on the topics of self-care, grief, and personal development. Retreats can be tailored to suit your specific needs and audience.

About Sandi Emdin

Hi! I'm Sandi Emdin. I am a Speaker Coach and Trainer, and Conflict Resolution Specialist. 
I am hired by private and public sector organizations across Canada to facilitate staff and leadership training, coaching, retreats, and culture shifts that are inspiring, insightful, and—most of all—relevant. I engage audiences using adult learning principles, humour, and opportunities for connection and interaction by creating a safe space for people to share their authentic truths.

3 Small Words

Working for many years in palliative care changed my perspective about life at its core.
Who knew that working with dying, death, and grief would be the most life-affirming work I would ever do? Through these experiences, I learned to see my life as a gift, time as precious, and blessings in the ordinary. My “have-to” list became my “get-to” list. Changing one word changed my perspective! This revelation was such an ah-ha moment for me that I just had to share it in 2014 in a TEDx called “Three Small Words” 
What People Are Saying

Lynne Raven, Health & Wellness Coach

Sandi has an incredible gift for finding the authentically positive in any situation. I always feel better in her presence. She is a Master visionary and Community builder. I’ve had several opportunities to witness her passion to empower others! Incredible things happen with Sandi present.

Kimberley Wahamaa, Executive Member

We contracted Sandi to facilitate a diverse group of 20 people regarding the lack of housing opportunities within the City of Greater Sudbury. Sandi’s creative energy and leadership brought the group to a new level, to really express their emotions and the truth of the trials and tribulations of this situation. From this successful round table, we were able to capture feedback from this session to map out a plan for the Sudbury Peace Tower Housing Project with Sandi’s guidance.”

Keeley O'Neill

Sandi is a fantastic coach. She listens to the issue(s) you are facing, suggests possible solutions, then helps you prepare an action plan that is manageable for you. She doesn't push you, but encourages you to take baby steps to help change your situation and/or solve your issue. I highly recommend working with Sandi especially if you are looking for solutions to manage conflict, change, and boundaries.

Nadia Morin, Plan A Halton

Sandi is "a breath of fresh air"! 
As a facilitator for a 2-day workshop with our employees, she provided us with a "safe space" where we were able to come together as individuals and as a team. Her leadership, understanding, and compassion leads to open, honest, respectful AND fun interactions between all participants. Healing, growing, building relationships with self and others- THAT is what Sandi is all about.

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